Corporate Yoga Classes

Feel energized throughout the workday.  Relieve stress and get a complete workout at the same time (without running to the gym). Strengthen, tone and become more emotionally and mentally balanced to perform your work more efficiently. Have an instructor come right to your doorstep – allowing for time to eat lunch afterward.

These are just some of the benefits of having an exercise instructor in the workplace. I’m a certified yoga instructor with over 20 years of practicing experience (8 years of which as a teacher). The knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout the years is something I’m passing on to others so that they can reap the benefits as I have.

Coming from a corporate background in the fields of media and legal, I know the value of keeping vibrant and sharp during the day while keeping the stress level in tact. Balancing the mind and body ground you in a way that helps make clearer decisions, become more productive and focused and also gives you a good break in the action.


I offer two (2) unique programs that are 30 – 40 minutes long (they can go longer if needed).

The first is YOGA – a gentle class that loosens up the joints, utilizes stretching and balancing poses, some breathwork and ending in a short meditation. This particular class sequence gives an overall workout for the body and mind and creates a sense of groundedness. Class can be done on the floor or on the chair.

The second is TENDON STRENGTHENING MOVEMENTS (aka YI GUN GIN) – this exercise is done while standing and incorporates 12 different movements that strengthen the tendons and tone the body.  Your body will feel as energized as if you went to the gym and your mind will become more focused and relaxed. No mat is needed.

Contact me to discuss incorporating these programs into a suitable timeframe for your employees. All classes can be tailored to fit your needs. You will, no doubt, notice a positive change in your employees’ productivity in a short period of time after their participation in either of these programs. Employer and employee will each get the benefit.    


Contact Joint & Sole for Corporate Yoga Sessons