Yi Gun Gin

Yi Gun Gin, a Chinese tendon strengthening exercise, has been secretly kept within the Shao-Lin priests for 4500 years. This exercise alone has been attributed to the worldwide leading reputation in the martial arts earned by the Shao-Lin Temple that made the priests almost indestructible, having the ability to protect themselves from even knife stabbing and to practically walk through a wall.

This series of movements can strengthen the entire body, inside and outside, physically as well as mentally, by developing the internal power called, chi. As a result, the practitioners seem to substitute their old bodies with a whole new set of tendons, muscles and bones that are much stronger than before.

Consisting of twelve (12) simple exercises, Yi Gun Gin can be practiced by anyone of any age and in any physical condition. No equipment of any sort is required. It requires space only big enough for a person to stand, and can be performed at anytime of the day.


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